It’s me, Buddy…it’s my birthday…

Very special birthday wishes to my sister, Darby! I shouldn’t forget  Sammy! Happy Birthday Brother!

A special remembrance for our Holly who crossed over the Rainbow Bridge! Bet she’s having a great time over there!

Birthdays are great!    ….but any day is good when you’re hangin’ with your pack!






It’s me, The Bear…It WAS my birthday! if anybody cares….

Happy Birthday to me! (Because everyone else forgot). I am three!

Happy Birthday to me! (Because everyone else forgot). 

Note from Buddy and your Personal Assistant:  Aw-w-w-, Bear, we are so sorry.. We’ll make it up to you with your favorite kind of bone!  Do you forgive us?!

(When I get the bone, I’ll thing about it.)


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