It’s me Buddy with an Ode to a rattlesnake…

Who hath seen the rattlesnake among the rocks? Not I!

Friends say beware! Thou dost move in silence among the weeds and flowers.

Therefore, with great sadness, I do leave my favorite place.

Farewell, for now, but I will return when you sleep again.

Which way is agility school?

3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by melissa on 03/12/2010 at 1:47 pm

    Oh. My. Gosh! Handsome and a poet, too! Buddy! You are so talented! Once again, your post made me smile then laugh out loud. The photos go SO perfectly with the words. I’m still smiling! It will be fun to hear about how you like agility school. Darby seemed to like it a lot. Now that our monsoons are over for awhile, I’m going to set up a mini-course in our backyard. I don’t have the drive (or the coordination and agility!) to get into agility for real, but I sure enjoyed the class I took with Darby and am thinking of taking it again.

    Your mama’s humans were so excited to hear you lived in California, and were sad when I said you were a couple of hours north. We’ll take lots of pictures of her.

    I love your posts, Buddy.


  2. Posted by Kiki on 03/12/2010 at 4:35 pm

    Hey Bud-
    Wow, I never knew you could be so expressive!! But, come on Dude, it will get cool again soon. In the meantime, you will love agility school. No leashes, lots of friends, good treats, and you get to run, jump, go in tunnels, and high walks.

    Thanks for the great laugh!! I am still smiling. You really crack me up. I love you, Bud!! Thanks for making my day.

    Luke’s People


  3. Posted by melissa on 03/13/2010 at 2:07 pm

    Buddy, you crack me up! I came back to read this post again because it makes me laugh. You are so clever!


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