It’s me Buddy…Reporting on Christmas Fun!

Wow! Look what Luke got! Way to go Santa!

I was very relieved! No coal!

That's Jennifer! She'll take a nap anywhere!

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  1. Posted by Sammy on 01/02/2011 at 12:06 pm

    Hey Buddy,

    Looks like you had a nice Xmas. We didn’t get anything special, but got to stay in the house–all of us–. Ask your PA to show you the picture from the New Years greeting from all of us.

    Don’t make fun of Jennifer–when you get to be her age, almost 91 tears in people years, you tend to nap a lot.

    Have a good year.

    Your brother Sammy.


  2. Hey. Buddy! Happy New Year! I’m glad you didn’t get any coal–neither did Pumpkin, although I would have placed bets on it! In fact, as I type this, she is taunting Darby with one of the toys Darby has had since she came to live here! Don’t you feel sorry for your sister? Maybe if you get a puppy this year, it won’t be such a stinker as Pumpkin is! (-:


  3. Looks like Buddy had a great holiday! Happy New Year!


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