It’s me, Buddy…Finally..a walk…

It’s me, Buddy! I personally am a creature of habit. When my routine is interrupted I get out of sorts.  The Bear is certainly a routine disrupter. I also, for all her faults, would like to compliment my person for showing only the softer side of me with the Bear. We have our moments and sometimes I forget how small he really is. Sorry, I degress. 

We finally found time to walk. We tucked the Bear in his bed inside the play pen. (time for his nap) and left quietly.  I was sure I would have some great pictures to show you of the mountain and how “coming to life”  it is, but guess who forgot the camera?! (Hint: it wasn’t me!) 

With the rain, the color is beginning to show. You have to look closely if you aren’t as close to the ground as I am. Since we had no camera, I thought I would bring the color home to share on my blog!  These are what we found today. Some might say weeds, but I think beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I say flowers!

Buddy Post Script: Now, so as not to slight the Bear, here are pictures of the boy!  He was ready for a trip outside when we got home. 

How long before I get to go to the mountain!?

What shots? Nobody said anything about more shots!


Person P.S.: When I look closely into those blue eyes I see an “old soul.” I wonder if anyone else will.  Even though he is very young, he has a presence about him that suggests wisdom  that usually only comes from life experience..perhaps I’m wrong….that’s just my opinion.

6 responses to this post.

  1. Bear really is a stunning blue merle! What a gorgeous dog he will be!


  2. Posted by The Sprollies 'n' Border Collies on 02/24/2011 at 12:49 pm

    Bear does actually look very wise…


  3. I’m so Buddy got his much anticipated walk. I’ve watched the video of the two of them playing so many times now, it might stop working. 🙂 Buddy looked so cute bounding around the backyard!

    Love the flowers (I agree with Buddy!). Spring is my favorite season….love seeing all the color return.

    As for Bear, he couldn’t possibly be any cuter! I love the pink paw pads in the second to last photo!


  4. Hey, Bud. Those flowers are very pretty as is the cup and saucer they are displayed in. Are you ready for more rain? We might actually get snow! If not here at 900 ft less than a mile up the road at 1,000 — that’s what’s being predicted! You Bear-dog does have wise eyes. But, I’ve always said that about you and Darby, too.


  5. He’s adorable! Thanks so much for visiting us on the Hop.


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