It’s Me, Buddy…It’s our Birthday! The party’s for me, Darby and Sammy!

Today is my Birthday! I am 2 years old!  I got a puppy for my Birthday!  I got him early! (Personally, I could have waited. But that’s okay! He grows on you! ) I was pretty cute puppy too. Take a look!

This is my baby picture!

The daughter and me! She loves me even more now

Coming to my "forever home!"


My first birthday!

The Bear and I celebrating my 2nd birthday!



The Bear had to take a little nap! But I carried on!

My sister, Darby, and my brother, Sammy have a birthday today too. They are on the blogroll. Take a look at their blogs. We are one good-looking family! We are Coedwig puppies! Thanks, Leda! We take a minute to remember our little Holly who passed over the Rainbow Bridge way to early!

Can’t wait for dinner tonight! Luke is coming! Now that’s going to be PAR-TY!

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  1. Happy Birthday Buddy! And the same to your littermates too – a great looking bunch! Make sure you party like a rockstar today!


  2. Happy Birthday, Buddy! Dewi has Coedwig’s Carbon Blue in him, do you?

    Party on!


    • Oh boy, since you do, that means Dewi is your and Darby’s relative. 🙂 Dewi is also full of Pecan Valley cardi lines. 🙂


  3. Posted by Kiki on 03/04/2011 at 11:09 am

    Hey Bud-
    Today’s your birthday, na na na na na na na !!! (Ask John,Joey and Luke this is our birthday anthom. It looses something is you don’t sing it!!) We love you. So glad you got The Bear for your birthday. I know you will love having him around!! Can’t wait for dinner tonight. I know it will be a party to remember!! Luke is hoping the party favors are Peanut Butter bones. = )

    A big shout out to Darby and Sammy. I saw the pics on Darby’s blog and they are so cute. I could tell which was Darby and which was mom. It is true with Corgis, it’s all in the eyes. And I saw your dad’s blog shout too. Gosh, you are a popular guy!!!

    Luv U-
    Luke’s Peeps


  4. Happy Birthday Buddy! Have a great day!


  5. Have a happy day, Buddy! That photo of you and the Bear and your ears–well, it took my breath away! The ears! They are magnificent! How nice of you to remember Holly, too. I thought of her, but couldn’t find good words like you did. Happy Birthday, Bud!


  6. Happy Birthday, Buddy!! You and Bear look sooo good together!

    Woofs & hugs,



  7. Happy Birthday to you all! We hope you get a delicious and special dinner tonight.




    • Ooops. I hit enter accidentally. I couldn’t leave without telling you that you were an absolutely adorable puppy and I SO enjoyed reading today’s post. Enjoy your day, Buddy!


  9. […] good pal, Buddy, recently celebrated his birthday.  If you have a minute, head on over to his blog and wish him a happy belated birthday.  You can also treat yourself to adorable puppy photos.  […]


  10. Happy Birthday Buddy! I came to you via the link on According to Gus page. You were an adorable puppy. My mother has a Welsh Cardigan Corgi named Dickon who looks very similar to Bear.


  11. Happy belated birthday! You and your puppy friend seem to be getting along really nicely.


  12. Happy Birthday from Sophie a Labradoodle in Nova Scotia Canada. Have a grand day and since you cornered the corner on cuteness enjoy your bday treats!


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