It’s me, Buddy…Don’t make me call the ASPCA….

As soon as we finish, we need to have a long talk with the Personal Assistant!


Person PostScript: In my defense, I’m adjusting to having another dog.  You can tell by the picture that I had waited a little to long to check the water bowl. It must have been empty for awhile because I had time to get the camera and take this picture. I’ve promised to check more often. I feel so bad. Buddy promised no ASPCA  calls as long as I never let it happen again!

Buddy has informed me that they need a bigger bowl. I agree! But now what to buy? Should I get one that has a supply attached? I worry about it being fresh and clean. (Messy Puppy) Our town has some water issues so I use bottled water, especially because of the Bear!
Any suggestions!?

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  1. Don’t feel too bad, we are exactly the same way. It’s like we have a mental block when it comes to water. I feed the pets, give them plenty of love and treats but I can’t remember to fill the water bowl. Daily you will hear from our house “Oh my! we are the worst owners EVER!!!”


  2. Sometimes that happens to us too! We wish we had opposable thumbs so we could just turn on the faucet and get our own water.

    P.S. Today is the last day to enter and pick your prizes for our raffle to raise money for Apollo!


  3. This happens to us too. Gus isn’t a big drinker (despite our efforts), so we always feel awful if it’s ever empty.

    P.S. I just realized I made it sound like Gus isn’t an alcohol drinker…it made me laugh. 😀


  4. Dewi drinks a gallon a day – no joke. I keep two dog water bowls in my kitchen and begrudgingly fill them both at least twice/day.


  5. Happens to all of us sometimes, doesn’t it? And, it feels soooo bad, doesn’t it? Once I forgot to feed the girls their evening meal. They kept milling around the kitchen off-and-on all evening and it wasn’t until the next morning that I realized why!


  6. That sure can happen – very quickly!
    We’ve got 3 inside dogs… 1 being a English Mastiff 🙂

    Rudy’s Raiser


  7. SHARING water bowls?! Like no way! Nala would never, ever allow me to drink from her water OR her food bowl. From the time I was brought home, I’ve had my very own bowls, and was taught not to go near Nala’s bowls.

    Nala doesn’t drink as much water during the day as I do, so she only gets new water twice a day. Me? I drink like there’s a drought, and let mommy know when my bowl needs filling. If no one fills the water after I dig in the empty bowl, I have a back up plan. There’s nothing like a ceramic bowl rolling across a tile floor, to remind everyone that I need water. Muahaha… works every time. 😉

    Woofs & hugs,



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