It’s me, Buddy and the Bear’s Personal Assistant….picture this…

I love the stage of the Cardigan’s puppyhood when they become clowns! The Bear makes us laugh his every waking  moment. It’s so spontaneous that I seem to always just miss the pictures.  For instance, picture this:

The bear took an empty soft drink bottle from the recycling. He ran to the bedroom, threw it up on the bed and then climbed up to chew it!

He had one of his frequent acts of play and missed the couch, ran into the side, then looked at Buddy with that why did you do that look?!

Buddy was chewing a chew and a piece of it came off. (The Bear loves the smaller pieces, especially Buddy’s) He quietly walked over to Buddy and laid down close to the piece. His nose was touching Buddy’s.  Buddy turned away and the Bear quietly walked off with the piece. Almost like he was sneaking off! He hid behind the chair to chew it!

Outside he does a lot of lizard and bug hunting! He saw something because he began to play, running at something in the grass.  Whatever it was must have charged back because he jumped so high all four feet left the ground and he walked away.

He barks at noises but also trees when the wind blows!

He sticks his nose in gopher holes.

He cornered a cat and didn’t know what to do!

   Sleeping is the funniest and heart hurting thing he does. He sleeps so sound. Very seldom can I catch Buddy with his eyes closed but the Bear…

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  1. Aww! I love the nose-to-nose chew story. 🙂 Buddy must be quite tolerant of the Bear. JF would never allow Dewi within 10 feet of his nose, if he was chewing on something.

    I wonder what scared him in the grass? 🙂

    So funny!


  2. Awww. Your Bear-boy is so cute. He sounds like he has quite a personality for such a youngster!


  3. Isn’t that just like a puppy? They are either going 100 mph or dead asleep. I like the picture of Bear sleeping.


  4. OH MY! The last photo of The Bear snoozing is soooo cute!

    I love that he snuck Buddy’s piece of chew and then hid behind the chair to chew on it. He was definitely being sneaky!


  5. Posted by Kiki on 05/25/2011 at 7:09 am

    Hey guys-
    i love the new pictures. The Bear is quite a character. And he is getting quite a ruff from the first picture. Buddy is a good boy to put up with all that. I think he turned his head on purpose and let The Bear have the little piece. Buddy is way too smart for Bear’s sneeky-ness!!! Love U.

    Luke’s People


  6. My mommy agrees with you! Puppies are such funny creatures. I should know! teehee!

    Love the photos of Bear! He is really such an adorable baby!

    Happy Wednesday woofs & hugs,



  7. Happy and safe Memorial Day woofs & hugs to you!



  8. Hi Buddy & Bear! Just stopping by to let you know we are thinking about you! Hope you guys are doing well. Bear, you must be getting BIG!

    Woofs & hugs,



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