It’s me Buddy, FINALLY walking….

 The Bear’s stitches are out! Personal Assistant took a break .  Free at last!

We've been trying to recover years of neglect in our yard! I think we should just hire Mother Nature! Look what she did to the mountain!

Why?! Because I come back when called! You don't!


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  1. Oh my, that second pic! That could be me on the leash and Nala running free! I come, but sometimes not until my mommy starts counting rofl.

    Maybe one day I’ll decide to be just as good as Nala and listen to EVERY command. 😉

    Happy Wednesday woofs & hugs!



  2. Hi Buddy! We have missed you and the Bear and your PA with all of your adventures!


  3. Such pretty wildflowers!

    Bear is so BIG! (I’m assuming he was neutered?) Maybe he’ll get the hint and start coming back when he’s called. 🙂


  4. You guys have such great places to go on walks. Beautiful 🙂


  5. So good to see your boys! Pumpkin is a little older than Bear, but she doesn’t come when called as reliably as Darby does. I wonder if it is second child syndrome? I worked so much with Darby because I was always alone with her — Pumpkin probably doesn’t get as much one-on-one with me. But, it looks like Bear and Pumpkin are doing just fine! Good to see you back blogging!


  6. That looks like a great place to walk and so many beautiful wildflowers.


  7. Posted by Kiki on 06/09/2011 at 6:49 am

    Hey Guys-
    I am not sure that The Bear really gets it, Bud. He seems to have a very self centered way of thinking. Hopefully he will grow out of that. Good thing he is such a sweet baby. Otherwise he would just seem selfish. = ) Love you both.

    Luke’s People


  8. Bear is SO BIG!!! I can’t even believe how different he looks each time you post.

    And wowzas – that hardly looks liek the same mountain from a couple of months ago. It looks beautiful!


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