It’s me, Buddy’s personal assistant….I wonder………..

Dear Blog visitors,

I don’t want to brag but Buddy and the Bear are very, very smart. You can count the words in their vocabulary of understanding in double digits. BUT! I have worked so hard with the Bear. When we work on something like coming back, he always stops looks at me as if says, “No! I don’t think so,” and walks away.  Like it’s a choice. When I call him from the backyard and finally find him lying in the flowers, he’s looking at me like. “Duh-h-h! Can’t you see me?”   Sometimes he comes, sometimes not. Buddy always comes but the Bear starts a lot of barking and Buddy responds. We work on it continuously! I am so exhausted that walking has been cut down to less time.  I find myself just giving up at times.

After a period of not walking, going to get him, picking him up when he runs to greet people (no easy feat. He’s getting heavy!) I decided, no matter how sweet he is I will be the Alpha Mama. We would start again. First day , with more determination, when we went for a walk, he came every time I called. He didn’t try to get Buddy to play while we walked on the leash. (two leads, one leash) We practiced staying in the front yard on command. (they love to practice herding on anyone that walks on the street) The Bear did better than Buddy when I walked away! Drop it and leave it was no problem!  Sat every time I told him!  I keep asking myself what happened!?!
Don’t get me wrong, we still have lots of work to do, but I have hope!

Do you think Cardis eventually train themselves ?!  I wonder…..

Off leash! I could get use to this! Maybe I'll come more often!

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  1. Posted by Kiki on 09/12/2011 at 11:32 am

    Hey Guys-
    I guess your personal assistant has finally figured it out. You guys do it in your own time. At least you get it. Love you. = )


  2. Awww, it’s so funny that Bear is doing that. I pretty much know what “come” means, but sometimes when we’re out in the backyard and my mommy tells me to “come,” I stop and look at her, then take one last run around the pool. I want to decide when to come! 😉

    Woofs & hugs, ❤

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)


    • Hi! Bailey! It’s me Buddy! You puppies! You’re smart but you’ll get the idea soon. You never know with that “call” there might be a treat! I never take a chance! Happy day!


  3. Cardis definitely have a mind of their own when it comes to listening. I keep a small treat bag attached to my leash, filled with small, very tasty treats. So whenever we are on a walk with an off-leash opportunity, I practice recalls over and over, handing out lots of treats. Same thing when I want them to come in from the yard. So most of the time they come quite well when called, although it would not work as well if there was a cat/squirrel/deer/whatever to chase.


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