It’s me, Buddy, the Bear and our personal assistant…wishing you….

We are grateful for our friends and family who make our lives so special!  And especially those wonderful blog friends who touch our hearts with joy, with laughter, with sharing, with the magic of day to day living….the list could fill a book!  Thank you! We wish you a day filled with happiness and gratitude that spills over into the coming years!

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  1. Posted by Kiki on 11/20/2011 at 9:15 am

    Hey Boys-
    Happy Thanksgiving to you too!! Thanks for allowing me to use the blog to redirect behavior and establish relationships with the students at my school. Your blog and the blog of some of your friends have been very helpful. I am so grateful for the 3 of you.

    Love You,


  2. What a wonderful photo! You guys are just the most handsome boy-dogs I’ve ever seen. Your ears make me positively swoon. All of us over here and Darby’s and Pumpkin’s Daily wish all of you the very best Thanksgiving and a happy holiday season, too!


  3. Great shot of your boys! Happy Thanksgiving!


  4. Happy Thanksgiving Bear, Buddy and PA. Wishing you all many treats!

    the 2 brown dawgs


  5. You two are so adorable!! Bear reminds me of Nala — she’s always putting her paws on me. Teehee!

    I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! 🙂

    Woofs & hugs, ❤

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)


  6. Those birdees are really cute! 🙂


  7. It’s awesome.
    Happy Thanks Giving


  8. Oh, so wonderfully said! Ditto! Hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday!


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