It’s me, Buddy…The Bear and I must have been very good…..

Cardi Claus with the help of Emily Fish and Co. came to our house! It was so much fun!

Look what we got!


He’s so gullible!

Thank you! Cardi Claus

4 responses to this post.

  1. Awe I am glad to see the Bear finally got the toy. Cardi Clause sure was generous. 😉


  2. Wow. Cardi Claus was very generous. Your boys play much better with toys than my girls do. Whichever girl was lucky enough to grab the toy(s) first would be softly –the not so softly — growling at the other to stay away. (Buddy–your ears always take my breath away. The Bear’s are nice, but yours —!)


    • It’s just that the Bear is such a gentle soul. He makes Buddy look good. We have some real knockdown, drag out fights mostly over food and play gone bad! The Bear is the one that usually walks away except over food in his food dish. That’s grounds for throw down!


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