The Bear and the Dog Show…..

It’s me, Buddy…If it’s got anything to do with dogs, puppies, dog shows, etc. The Bear will watch it. Me? I don’t have time for television.


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  1. Jimmy watches the TV all the time! He even recognizes cartoon animals! Wilson doesn’t even seem to know the TV exists…..


    • Isn’t it funny to watch them watch! Buddy is much to busy to pay attention to anything else. He is constantly talking to me. He tells me everything that happens in the neighborhood, what the Bear is in to, and scolds Jennifer all the time.


  2. Posted by Melissa on 02/14/2012 at 6:59 am

    Funny! I was watching the show with Erika, Christian and Bailey. Yes! Bailey! Bonnie didn’t watch but Bailey sure did. We were wondering if the sounds reminded him of his show days?


    • I Bet! He’s actually been there! I wanted to see if he sees anything but the herding dogs didn’t come on. They seem to know the difference when it’s another corgi! Happy Valentine’s Day!


  3. Posted by Kiki on 02/14/2012 at 9:28 am

    Hey Bud-
    Thanks for that. He is so cute !! I wondered when I saw it on TV if The Bear was watching.
    I love you guys!! Happy Valentine’s Day. Thanks for being my valentines. = )



  4. Haha he sure is intent on watching. Happy Belated Valentine’s Day.


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