It’s me, the personal assistant…..the secret is out…

Buddy has a bottomless pit for a stomach. He can eat anywhere, anytime, and almost anything edible or some things that are not. After eating, he checks for anything dropped or left on the table or cabinet by mistake. I think he could be a contender in the Olympics in high jump if the medal was made of food.

I have found his food container open on occasions when the boys have been alone. I blamed myself for leaving the lid loose.  Today the secret is out. My Buddy knows “lefty lucy”. I caught him unscrewing the lid. He would grab on the edge and pull, go back up and pull again. He loosen it just enough that it would pull out.

I didn’t get it on video I was to shocked to do anything but watch.  Can he do it again? I don’t know.  Buddy is much too smart to get caught twice. You’ll have to take my word for it.

My boys continue to amaze me. Life is so much more fun with them in it. I agree with announcer at the dog show when he said “if you decide to add a corgi to your family  it may be a bit of a challenge until THEY get you trained.”

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  1. Amazing! And of course he can do it again! You should look into getting Buddy some of those dog food puzzles….like:

    There are lots of brands out there so it doesn’t have to be an expensive Nina Ottossons.


    • Thanks for sharing! Those look like fun! I bet the Bear would like them too. He’s my player. He empties his toy basket 2 or 3 times a day! I have to look into getting one for them. I just love the internet! (and blog friends who share!)


  2. Try setting up the camera and leaving the room. You might not get what you expected though. Example:



  3. Posted by Melissa on 02/29/2012 at 8:43 pm

    Buddy sounds like he is at least as smart as his sister, Darby. She learns sooo quickly. She figured out how to open the child/puppy gate we have in the laundry/cat’s room door, so we had to adjust the tension so it takes more strength than she has in her snout. good to see you’re back updating and visiting blogs again. We missed you!


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