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It’s me, Buddy at the Summer Corgi Beach Day!


Corg-A-Bunga! It’s the check-in Station! Sign us up!


Waiting in line? When does the fun begin?!




Hey! Somebody is this water for everyone?


They started to gather! Long tails, short tails, no tails! It was awe- inspiring!

Wait! I think your scarf is coming untied. Stand still, I’ll fix it!


We are going to go with this guy! He looks like he knows where he going.


I think they must be honorary Corgis!

Oh! No! They’re calling for a group picture! You know what that means! Going in for a closeup!


Everybody smile!


No!. No! No! Not yet!

What do you mean it's time to go home!? We aren't ready yet! I say we put it to a vote...

What do you mean it’s time to go home!? We aren’t ready yet! I say we put it to a vote…


It’s me, The Bear…It WAS my birthday! if anybody cares….

Happy Birthday to me! (Because everyone else forgot). I am three!

Happy Birthday to me! (Because everyone else forgot). 

Note from Buddy and your Personal Assistant:  Aw-w-w-, Bear, we are so sorry.. We’ll make it up to you with your favorite kind of bone!  Do you forgive us?!

(When I get the bone, I’ll thing about it.)