It’s me, Buddy…The Bear is a full time job…

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  1. Bear, did your PA slather you up with bacon grease? If not, we think this video might deserve a DD (Dirty Dog) rating.

    [So funny. JF licks Dewi’s sloppy mouth and his eye lids.]


  2. OK, after seeing this video, not only does mommy want a Corgi, but HS wants one too! They think Buddy and Bear are the cutest things (maybe even cuter than me)! 😉 I love how Buddy has taken on a full-time mommy role — I wish Nala was like that with me!

    Keep those videos coming — we love them! 🙂

    Woofs & hugs,



  3. My goodness, Buddy! You sure did give that Bear a good going-over! Funny, at our house it is Pumpkin who makes sure Darby’s face and ears are presentable.


    • Aren’t they funny!? The Bear gets kinda tired of it. Did you see his eyes. (Looks like: Will he ever stop!)


  4. Posted by Taryn on 03/10/2011 at 4:00 am

    That’s quite a cleaning you gave the Bear! What was all over him that tasted so good?


  5. Buddy, I saw you have to hold him down with your paw – that is so cute! Did he taste like bacon or peanut butter?

    Rufus sez there is no way he will ever, EVER do that for Nick. Unless he is dipped in bacon grease.


  6. They are so good together! Buddy is taking his older brother status very seriously. I love those corgi feet


  7. This is adorable! Buddy, if we ever get a sibling for Gus, will you come over and teach him your fabulous big brother skills?


  8. OMD, that is soo cute!


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